Tannas McLaughlin RMT

Specializing in Therapeutic Massage
 and Cranio Sacral therapy

  • Massage therapy is a second career for me – I’ve had a number of different jobs in my life. I’ve danced competitively, stood on my feet 8 hours a day as a cashier, waited tables, and worked at a desk. Along the way, I’ve always come back to an abiding interest in providing nurturing support for the people around me. Driven by intuition, I eventually found massage therapy. And I knew the first time I laid hands on to provide treatment that I’d finally found my path!


Now, 17 years into full-time practice as a registered massage therapist, I’m still honoured and excited every day to be a part of my clients’ journey. (And to have them as part of mine! You continue to teach me so much)!


Both Massage and Cranio Sacral therapy are really a form of communication between body, mind and spirit. Touch connects us! And therapeutic touch gives a voice to our tensions, aches and pains. My job is to “listen” mindfully… and remind your body how to let go.


And I love my job!