Tannas McLaughlin RMT

Specializing in Therapeutic Massage

and Cranio Sacral therapy

Services available:

Therapeutic Massage

I offer a mixture between Deep Tissue and Relaxation massage. This allows me to be able to access the sore spots in a way that is more acceptable to your body. No pain/No gain is not necessarily the best method when it comes to massage therapy.

Massage therapy rates are as follows:

$55 for 30 mins, $75 for 45 mins, $95 for 60 mins and $125 for 90 mins

Cranio Sacral Therapy

I have been training with The Upledger Institute. Dr John Upledger wrote about your Inner Physician and how you are in control of how your body heals and responds to treatment.  

Cranio Sacral therapy is a light touch treatment while you are fully clothed. It is non-invasive and treatment can be very different for each person and also different from one treatment to the next. Cranio Sacral therapy resets the autonomic nervous system to help those of us who remain in the 'fight or flight' for whatever reason. It is very relaxing and offers great results for many ailments. Headaches, TMJ, PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety and depression are just a few.

Cranio Sacral treatment rate is $110.

Treatment time ranges generally between 45-90 mins

Direct billing is available!

Please bring your extended health benefits card with you. I can offer direct billing to most extended health carriers.

You will be responsible to pay the difference if your extended health benefits do not cover 100% of the rates above.   

I can accept cash or email transfer as methods of payment at this time (other than the direct billing portion).

It is helpful to check with your plan ahead of time too to confirm whether or not they require a doctor's note. Some do and some do not. Extended health companies that require a doctor's note will not authorize direct billing before the doctor's note is received and processed in their office.  

Treatment is always your decision, it is just whether or not your extended health company will reimburse for treatment that requires a note from your doctor.  

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